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Liespotting series: Even more lies Part 3

04.2022 | Alistair Duff

In the modern era, there has been the propensity to demonise lying and to judge those caught in the act of deceit. From business leaders like Madoff to truly global leaders like Clinton, their misdeeds have dominated news cycles, splashed across the print headlines and are the subject of days of televised debates.

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Squid Game

Squid Game is the Korean Netflix series that has taken the world by storm. The show, centred around a game that assists in paying off the debt of those who have major bills to pay off

They laughed when I sat down at the piano, but when I started to play!

The rise of social media is only the latest Golden Gun for advertisers, and already they are looking for a new one.

Unconventional laws and where to find them

As many of us marvel at the coming of the digital age, consider just how much has changed over the course of a single lifetime, even half a lifetime. We can be left feeling overwhelmed.

Creativity Series part 3: There’s an algorithm for everything

Up until now, this series has established that there has been a tendency to regard creativity as the product of individual genius whose great cognitive capacities alone are responsible for the products that they create.

Behavioural Economics in action - Climate change

A qualified high school student is accepted to university but gets confused while applying for financial aid and fails to enrol. An individual with HIV is prescribed free antiretroviral medications but fails to take them consistently.

Kids and violent behaviour

What has self-esteem got to do with it?

Major self-esteem issues in children can lead to unacceptable and violent behaviour in adulthood. Issues of self-esteem are the building blocks for creating caring human beings, but we need to start early.

My Special Place Series: Sharon Spiegel Wagner

On a hot afternoon in Johannesburg, I follow the signs at 44 Stanley Avenue, a delightfully urban, industrial-like shopping precinct I always enjoy visiting.

Have you ever felt like a fraud?

While much has been written about the mindset of very successful people, from their strategies and beliefs to their general outlook, surprisingly little has been said about a very real drawback many will face during their careers.

Meet the African violin

Until very recently there had never been such an instrument as an African violin.

“If I do humblebrag so myself…”

The humblebrag: what it is and why so many of us are guilty of it

“I hate that I look so young – Another 18-year-old just made a pass at me.”

“Oh no! Spilled red wine on the contract for my new book.”

Opinion Polling

Why do people want to know what the future holds before it happens?

In the first place of course, there is a lot of money in it, betting and investing only on certainties, for example, is a sure-fire path to riches.

Bottling water in the desert

This is an article for those of you who, like me, love trivia. As a bonus for reading this article, I’m offering you a handful of fascinating little nuggets of relatively obscure information.

A likely successor to the information age

These days, catchphrases and conceptual hype turn any passing fads into megatrends – or attempt to. Real ‘Ages’ however, are rare.

Creativity series part 2: An evolving concept

The big question posed in the previous article was: “Do ideas emerge from within the person, or do people recognise ideas already present in their environments?”

Lessons from a beauty mogul

When Elizabeth Arden created her empire, she laid the foundations of the American cosmetic industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit underpins the soul of the company today.


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