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10.2021 | Arja Salafranca

Book review

Chatsworth, the township, links the stories in this slim but powerful debut collection of short stories by Pravasan Pillay, who comes from the Durban-based area.

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Oversharing vs Authenticity

The ancient Greeks believed that mental and physical health were interrelated and that the body and mind should be in harmony.

Grand theft auto

For those who are not fans of video games, it is possible to never have heard of Grand Theft Auto V, possible but unlikely.

I’m so lonesome I could cry.

When Hank Williams turned those few words into his first really big hit in 1949 he was making capital of a sad truth - that loneliness can reduce grown people to tears.

The rise of the only child

First off, allow me this disclaimer: I think only children are great. Because I am an only child and, out of choice, I have an only child.

The Scariest, creepiest, eeriest places in the world

No cheap thrills, here. No silly alleged ghost sightings, or exaggerated local legends, or commercialized rumours. Just creepy, eerie and scary.

The new why

WHEN Rassie Erasmus – a man whose obsession with attention to detail could be accused of taking the romance of the unexpected out of sport – began coaching the Springboks, his philosophy was “keeping the main thing the main thing”.

Creativity Series part I: A portrait of the artist

Evolutionary theorists claim that reproduction is the ultimate desire of all living things.

Raak wys to the rejuvenating power of slang

My two-year-old son calls his sandals his “scandals”. So does his five-year-old brother. And so do his parents, come to think of it.

The karoo – cradle of the mammals

Africa may have been the cradle of Humankind, but the continent was also the birthplace of the order to which we belong – the Mammalia.

How we know what we know

Why do so many people believe things that aren’t true, even when unprecedented access to information and evidence should change their minds?

A spirit of excellence

Bomber pilot, ukulele player and winner of 72 professional tournaments, South African golfing legend Bobby Locke was a charismatic and talented man.

Learning in traffic

The microlearning revolution

Two years ago I loaded Duolingo on to my phone to learn a few sentences of conversational Spanish before a holiday.

Decadence to decay

Empires rise and most certainly fall. Of most interest to me, though, are the periods between. It is interesting to note, varying from case to case, an almost inverse relationship between the entitled decadence of subsequent generations of heirs

Creatures great and small

We share this planet with such a rich variety of creatures. Often animals symbolize different traits to which we aspire or simply appreciate.

No Logo

There are many ways to recognise a truly great book. Does it alter or enlighten your perspective on a topic? Does it retain relevance? Does it explain or predict phenomena that will impact your job – or even your life?


Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.


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