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    • The group has taken reasonable care to ensure that information published on this website is accurate and complete as at the date of publication, nevertheless, FirstRand does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in or referred to in the content on this website.
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    • When users submit an email requesting to be alerted to new content posted on the perspectives section of the website, the group will process (collect, use, store or otherwise deal with) the users’ personal information for the purposes of maintaining a database of recipients of the alerts.
    • The personal information which the group collects includes the full name and email address of a user and will be held by entities within the group and may be processed through centralised functions and systems across entities in the group.
    • The information provided will be stored in a database by FirstRand for as long as it is required or as long as permitted in terms of the law (whichever is the later) and the information will thereafter be securely destroyed or de-identified.
    • In this paragraph 3 references to “the group” are references to the entities in the group, and all affiliates, associates, cessionaries, delegates, successors in title or third parties (authorised agents and contractors), when such parties are acting as responsible parties or operators in terms of applicable privacy laws, unless stated otherwise.
    • Where required, FirstRand may share a user’s personal information with a party that the group engages with as an operator. These parties use the personal information as determined by FirstRand and have an obligation to keep users’ personal information secure and confidential:
    • In order to ensure continued receipt of the email alerts, please provide the group with updated information should it change. Should a user no longer wish to receive the alerts please send the group an e-mail indicating this using the same link used to subscribe for the alerts.
    • For the purposes of this paragraph 3, the responsible party is FirstRand Bank Limited, as well as other entities in the group, which are listed in our privacy notice as responsible parties. The privacy notice is available on
    • FirstRand may use users’ information for statistical, research and analytical purposes and any results will be published in a de-identified form.
    • The group will take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the security of the information provided by users. However, it is impossible to guard against all threats to the security of data and there is a high risk of a user’s data being accessed by a person who is not authorised to do so. This includes unauthorised access occurring whilst the information is being transmitted over the public internet. Therefore, FirstRand does not accept responsibility for any damages caused by the use of a user’s information by unauthorised people, even where the group was negligent and notwithstanding whether the appropriate security measures were taken by the group.
    • FirstRand and their employees and agents will not be responsible for any damages, direct, indirect or consequential, arising from, or connected to, the provision of information to FirstRand and the use of the information provided by users.
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    • FirstRand does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of:
      • information on the website which is obtained from external third-party sources, such as share price information;
      • content on external third-party websites where the group has provided a hyperlink to such content on its website; and
      • information authored by independent third parties and contributed to the website, such as the articles on the Perspectives section and the reports on the Knowledge sharing page under the Society section of the website.
    • Users’ use of, or reliance upon such third-party information will be at their own risk.
    • The views and opinions expressed in the articles on the perspectives section of the website and the reports on the Knowledge sharing page under the Society section are those of the authors and do not reflect the policy or position of FirstRand. Such information is subject to copyright and may not be used without prior consent.

    • The information provided on this website is not targeted at, or intended for use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation or which would subject FirstRand to any registration requirement within such jurisdiction or country as a result if the publication of the information on the website.
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