Sketches of Spain

After more than two years of no international travel thanks to the pandemic, I decided to hit the road for the long term by moving to Spain.

My Special Place Series: Sharon Spiegel Wagner

On a hot afternoon in Johannesburg, I follow the signs at 44 Stanley Avenue, a delightfully urban, industrial-like shopping precinct I always enjoy visiting.

My Special Place Series: Timothy Moloi

“A special place is somewhere you haven’t been for a while, it makes you happy, and you can forget about the world for bit,” says singer and media star Timothy Moloi.

In Defence of Travel

My wheels are coming off. The wheels of my suitcase, that is. It won’t be the first time either. Recently at Cape Town International Airport, Uber driver Alexis helped me with my luggage. He was struggling. “Ja your suitcase, it’s two-wheel drive now,” he said. I concurred.

Travelling through Africa with a salty narrator

Arja Salafranca reviews Zukiswa Wanner’s Hardly Working, a travel memoir brimming with astute observations and wry humour.

Expats and immigrants

“I am German when we win, an immigrant when we lose.” – Mesut Ozil

But what is the difference?

My Special Place Series: Georgina Thomson

Paris and home – two very different places, but both are special places for Georgina Thomson, director of Dance Forum.