Witty with a dash of sweet acid

Steven Boykey Sidley’s fourth novel, Free Association, is quite simply brilliant. It also has its finger pulsing on the heart of all that is topical

Did Hollywood become a cash cow business without anyone noticing?

No industry has been more involved in shaping trends and informing the masses; nor has any industry been the topic of near constant conversation around the water cooler more than Hollywood.

Sharing positive - can good news save the planet?

Albert Schweitzer, a German physician and Nobel Peace Prize winner, coined the phrase “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it”.

Trivia that will make you seem smarter

It may be a while before we can safely sit down at a dinner party but when we do, we certainly don’t want to be talking COVID-19.

Moral Money Series: Buddhism

“Mind precedes all mental states. Mind is their chief; they are all mind-wrought. If with an impure mind a person speaks or acts, suffering follows – like the wheel that follows the foot of the ox.

The dark side of leaf blowers, the windscreen effect and insect extinction

Imagine this.

You are in the grounds of a leafy upmarket South African housing estate.

We date like we shop

As much as this is such a tired cliché, there is some truth to the widespread millennial observation that dating in this generation is harder and more complicated than it used to be.

The Ivy League and other elite schools- can you get in?

There is no obvious, fail-safe method to being accepted into a school in the Ivy League, but there are some definite patterns exploited and strategies adopted by top performing, successful candidates.

Pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing

How many people feel completely assured that they will retire comfortably?

Anger Series: When domestic violence comes to the office

Anger and male-perpetrated violence are a pandemic in this country. How do companies approach the sensitive issue and are there policies in place to help employees who are victims of violence?

In defence of millennials: Speak to us, dammit

Another day, another article about the supposed habits of millennials written by older generations, with contributions from other members of the same generation. It is hilarious.

How to host a conversation

Everyone hates meetings. Most of us concede that they are a waste of time and an opportunity for the preening and posturing of only the most powerful and obnoxious.

Detecting forgery, down to the letter

Before the commodification of art as a store of wealth, forgeries were not as big a deal as they are today.

No laughing matter

2019’s Joker was about a failed comedian, Arthur Fleck. Fleck tells people he has a laughing disorder. Although it was not actually mentioned what the disorder was, it was most likely based on what is known as pseudobulbar affect (PBA).

Moral Money Series: Christianity

The problem in examining ‘Christianity’ – as with most religions – is that when you use the term, it refers to a wide variety of ideologies and aesthetic expressions.

Can mindfulness treat depression?

Psychiatrists are pragmatic people. There’s compassion and empathy, yes, but there’s also extreme firmness – especially when it comes to biopsychosocial treatment protocols for patients with depression.


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