Bought for pennies

This may come as a shock to many young men and women today who keep their fingers busy only on a keypad, but the fact is that people used to write letters to their friends.

A will of steel

Legendary artist, feminist icon, playful exhibitionist, champion of Mexican culture … Frida Kahlo has been described in many ways. But despite her passionate persona, much of her life was marred by deep, physical pain which dominated her powerful portraits.

Humanities vs the Sciences

For those of you into your second or third decades in the working world, think back to a point in time during high school when the conversation with parents, and sometimes teachers, was about future study choices and career ambitions.

The Dark secret of time travel

All storytelling is fundamentally about a change in fortune: Someone had or gained something, only to lose it—says Kurt Vonnegut.

Wasteful saving and the curious case for negative interest rates

Oscar Wilde’s whimsical 1800’s quote “money was made to be spent, therefore, to save it is a waste of money” recently became true. This is the result of the growing global phenomenon of negative interest rates.

High society hoaxes

Anna Vadimovna Sorokina may not be a name that immediately rings a bell for most people. Anna Delvey on the other hand is a name that sends a shiver of anxiety along the very spine of the New York elite and has become synonymous with fraud around the globe.

High achievers

History of biohacking and performance enhancement

From the ancient Greek Olympians to modern technopreneurs, human beings have always looked to outperform each other.

The man who created a universe

I suppose many tributes begin with some background information on their early lives, their ancestry, possibly even make reference to the fact that they had a different name at birth. To be honest all of these things seem far too grounded in our universe.

Liespotting series:
A beginner’s guide to becoming a human lie detecting machine

In a previous article we discussed the emergence of the study of lies. We discussed the heavy lifting scientific work done by Ekman and Matsumoto and the amazing contributions that they have made to our understanding of this science.

The weird world of quantum computers

The magician gazed out at his audience. “It’s a cold night,” he said. “Does anyone have a pair of gloves I can borrow?”

The mermaid man

Marine mammal scientist Dr Vic Cockcroft fears that the “mermaids” he studies may be doomed.

Is the music no longer good or are you just getting old?

People of my generation and older generally aren’t qualified to comment on the state of music today. I’m 30 years old and I have to concede that my peers and I long entered the stage of our lives in which we start to sound more and more like our parents.

A man, a mouse and an imagination

People of all ages around the world have been touched by Walt Disney. Whether you watched his productions as a child or have enjoyed them with your own children, his classics have kept open the doors of make-believe.

Slush pile blues

People still give the “rabbit look” – that wordless upward wrinkle of the nose – when you confess to the solitary act of self-publication.

Crowdfunding. More proof that everything is hackable. Even money.

Joseph Pulitzer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Alexander Pope and the history of crowdfunding

The collective financing an outcome is not a new concept.

Reward hacking: Moving beyond goal-driven behavior

At the risk of significantly over-simplifying the field, software development is achieved by articulating a certain goal or objective and mapping out a logical, algorithmically-based method of getting there.

Why the obsession with zombies?

What is a zombie anyway?

According to pop culture, a zombie is a reanimated corpse with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.


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