Moral Money Series: Christianity

The problem in examining ‘Christianity’ – as with most religions – is that when you use the term, it refers to a wide variety of ideologies and aesthetic expressions.

Can mindfulness treat depression?

Psychiatrists are pragmatic people. There’s compassion and empathy, yes, but there’s also extreme firmness – especially when it comes to biopsychosocial treatment protocols for patients with depression.

A cut and paste tool for human DNA

Genetic engineering is one of those fields of science that make people feel queasy.

Determinants of civil war

The last three years have seen a downward trend in deaths from armed conflict. Still, the world has seen 280 distinct conflicts since 1946, with the vast majority being intrastate or civil wars.

Liespotting Series: Decoding the language of lies

Paul Ekman was named one Time Magazine’s Top 100 most influential people in May 2009.

Physics for the philosophical investor

A good share of modern physics is based on the laws of thermodynamics, which help us to understand how matter and energy relate to one another in closed systems, such as the universe.

Will machines ever become conscious?

The nature of consciousness is something that has been debated for centuries by philosophers, neuroscientists, ethicists, biologists and the like, with very little progress having been made.

The bully in the boardroom

If you see bullying as essentially a playground problem – one that doesn’t affect adults in the course of their working lives – you couldn’t be more wrong.

One size fits all - or does it?

Marketers tend to make sweeping statements about entire generations. Is it dangerous to create a ‘one size fits all’ scenario when talking about any group in particular?

Is Neymar just the beginning?

For those not beset with an obsessive interest in football, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is a 28-year-old forward who leads the line for both his country Brazil and the French football club Paris Saint-Germain.

Can we trust the public with decisions?

Any survey worth its salt will clearly illustrate the current mindset of people worldwide.

Some facts about human’s best friend

As a person who grew up with dogs, I have loved some of my quadruped family members with so much of my heart that I grieved deeply when they invariably passed on.

Just because I’m good at it, does not mean I like it.

Psychometric testing is the best known and most highly regarded method for measuring individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral styles.

What men can learn from women on the sports field

Different gender traits could make the difference between winning and losing on the sports field and in the workplace.

My water, life and surfing…

I am a 36 year old South African Xhosa man. I live in Johannesburg and I was born in Alice, Eastern Cape. My parents are divorced, and I have a 30 year old sister. I am married to an incredible 32 year old Xhosa woman, and she was born in Mthatha.

Why TV is more violent now than ever before (and we love it that way!)

A serial killer drains his victims of blood, chops them into pieces and drops the body parts in the ocean. A horde of hungry zombies rip into the flesh of a wounded victim.


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