FirstRand international
postgraduate scholarships

Black academics
advancement programme

The FirstRand Foundation has joined forces with the National Research Foundation to promote the development of black African South African academics to become nationally and internationally recognised researchers. The FirstRand Foundation sees the strategic importance of the programme in developing human capacity and achieving the country’s transformation goals. The private sector has an integral role to play in improving education and academia, and ensuring transformation and research excellence in pursuit of a more sustainable higher education system. The programme endeavours to achieve this by supporting academics, particularly black African women, employed at public universities to attain doctoral and postdoctoral qualifications. firstrand’s contract with This programme also promotes the attainment of an NRF-rating by black African early-career academics, especially black female researchers, three to five years after this grant.

The programme framework and application and funding guide can be found in the PDFs or link below.

Funding framework documents