The FirstRand Volunteers programme was launched in 2003 to facilitate and support employee community involvement. The programme provides employees from across the group with the opportunity to make a real difference by matching their time and monetary donations to their chosen organisation or school.

Governed by clear guidelines, aligned to FirstRand Foundation, the programme provides support that includes rand-for-rand matched funding for employee donations of time and money, sourcing of organisations to support, annual group drive incentives, and support and guidance for employees to share their time, skills and knowledge with their chosen organisations and schools.

The programme’s vision of “action with purpose” encourages employees to create strong long-term relationships with the communities they support. Employees are also encouraged to use action plans and metrics to track the impact of their initiatives.

The FirstRand Volunteers programme offerings include:

  • Cause-related volunteering: Employees support registered causes they are passionate about.
  • Skills-based volunteering: Employees leverage their professional skills for the causes they adopt.
  • Volunteering with the FirstRand Foundation:Employees provide time, skills and knowledge sharing to beneficiaries funded by FirstRand Foundation.

For more information on volunteers, refer to FirstRand’s reports to society available at: