The FirstRand Volunteers programme was launched in 2003 to facilitate and support employee community involvement. The programme provides employees from across the group with the opportunity to make a real difference by matching their time and monetary donations to their chosen organisation or school.

In the last year employees donated

R7.2 million
to worthy causes of their choice.

1 123 employees
donated 6 055 hours of their time to their chosen projects.

Governed by clear guidelines, aligned to FirstRand Fondation, the programme provides support including R1-for-R1 matched funding for employee donations of time and money, sourcing of organisations to support, annual group drive incentives and support and guidance for employees to share their time, skills and knowledge with their chosen organisations and schools.

Support for FirstRand Volunteers

The FirstRand Volunteers programme offers a structured, resourced programme, ongoing facilitation and support, a variety of volunteering opportunities, innovative group drives, ongoing training workshops, an intranet platform, matched funding (financial support) and an annual awards programme to inspire and encourage employees to participate.

Programme management sources organisations and initiatives for support. Employees are matched R1 for R1 for donations of both time and money to give back to their chosen beneficiary organisations. Various forms of internal and external division communication channels and platforms are used to encourage participation, including plasma screens, newsletters and division intranet sites. An annual awards celebration also broadens and inspires support.

How employees at FirstRand give back

The programme strives to offer employees a choice of volunteering opportunities to suit their different social interests, careers, workloads, lifestyles and personal commitments.

FirstRand employees are able to
  • coordinate volunteer programmes in their own business units;
  • join existing programmes and initiatives currently running in their business units;
  • volunteer in their individual capacity for an organisation of their choice;
  • share time, skills and knowledge, and assist with capacity building at non-profit organisations;
  • mentor high school learners and university students;
  • contribute to monthly payroll giving programmes; and
  • register for current group drive incentives.