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NFTs: the future of art?

The NFT scene is booming, awash with the crypto cash of giddy evangelists including anyone from Jack Dorsey to Paris Hilton. Nowhere is its apparently transformative potential more vigorously targeted than the art world.

Sketches of Spain

After more than two years of no international travel thanks to the pandemic, I decided to hit the road for the long term by moving to Spain.

Art museums I have visited

The final study of French post-impressionist artist Georges Seurat’s most famous work, A Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte. It’s part of the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

How not to be an art pleb

Strolling through the Louvre, I realise my mind has already left the building. It’s contemplating the gateau I’ll enjoy later in a lovely Parisian patisserie.

My Special Place Series: Georgina Thomson

Paris and home – two very different places, but both are special places for Georgina Thomson, director of Dance Forum.

The lost art of the hobby

I feel guilty when I see the word hobby. I know that having hobbies is the kind of thing a well-rounded individual should cultivate.