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The weird world of quantum computers

The magician gazed out at his audience. “It’s a cold night,” he said. “Does anyone have a pair of gloves I can borrow?”

Reward hacking: Moving beyond goal-driven behavior

At the risk of significantly over-simplifying the field, software development is achieved by articulating a certain goal or objective and mapping out a logical, algorithmically-based method of getting there.

We date like we shop

As much as this is such a tired cliché, there is some truth to the widespread millennial observation that dating in this generation is harder and more complicated than it used to be.

Will machines ever become conscious?

The nature of consciousness is something that has been debated for centuries by philosophers, neuroscientists, ethicists, biologists and the like, with very little progress having been made.

One size fits all - or does it?

Marketers tend to make sweeping statements about entire generations. Is it dangerous to create a ‘one size fits all’ scenario when talking about any group in particular?

AI Series: The impact of artificial intelligence on our work identity

The rise of advanced artificial intelligence is real and lurks on the horizon, requiring a significant shift in the way we view ourselves and our place in society.

The ethical sources of terrorist power: Understanding asymmetric war

The world wars of the twentieth century shared certain key features that are conspicuously absent from a class of contemporary war often referred to as asymmetric war.

Science fiction becomes science fact

When one considers the popularity of shows such as Black Mirror it is clear that there is still very much of an audience for science fiction.

Can machines make ethical choices?

It seems uncontroversial to suggest that the sole reason the human race has survived everything thrown at it and got to where it is today is because we have the ability to augment our ‘natural’ selves with tools and technologies.