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The dark side of leaf blowers, the windscreen effect and insect extinction

Imagine this.

You are in the grounds of a leafy upmarket South African housing estate.

Liespotting Series: Decoding the language of lies

Paul Ekman was named one Time Magazine’s Top 100 most influential people in May 2009.

Japan’s demographic time bomb

Japan is facing the difficult-to-imagine threat of simply dying out as both a people and a culture. How this came to pass in a society that has fallen out of love with the concept of love.

Climate change

The rise of anti-science discourse: Forehead slapping conversations with climate change deniers

The reason why service delivery successes in South Africa don’t always translate into community satisfaction

Despite the refrain to the contrary, living standards in South Africa today are much higher than at any point in the history of the country.

Wanting to work – the story of South Africa’s labour market since 1994

That South Africa has an unemployment problem is well understood. Less well understood is the exact nature and full extent of the problem.