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Chatsworth, the township, links the stories in this slim but powerful debut collection of short stories by Pravasan Pillay, who comes from the Durban-based area.

Raak wys to the rejuvenating power of slang

My two-year-old son calls his sandals his “scandals”. So does his five-year-old brother. And so do his parents, come to think of it.

A spirit of excellence

Bomber pilot, ukulele player and winner of 72 professional tournaments, South African golfing legend Bobby Locke was a charismatic and talented man.

Witty with a dash of sweet acid

Steven Boykey Sidley’s fourth novel, Free Association, is quite simply brilliant. It also has its finger pulsing on the heart of all that is topical

Are genres gendered?

Why are the majority of memoirs written by women? Is it because they relate better to their subjects?

The reason why service delivery successes in South Africa don’t always translate into community satisfaction

Despite the refrain to the contrary, living standards in South Africa today are much higher than at any point in the history of the country.

Wanting to work – the story of South Africa’s labour market since 1994

That South Africa has an unemployment problem is well understood. Less well understood is the exact nature and full extent of the problem.

The stranger at the gate

It’s ambitious to call your novel Johannesburg, for there are as many versions of this city as there are novels about it.

My TEDx experience

Like most people, I had a wish list of things I wanted to achieve and check off in my lifetime. Speaking on a TED stage was one of them.