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Liespotting series: Even more lies Part 3

In the modern era, there has been the propensity to demonise lying and to judge those caught in the act of deceit. From business leaders like Madoff to truly global leaders like Clinton

Creativity Series part 3: There’s an algorithm for everything

Up until now, this series has established that there has been a tendency to regard creativity as the product of individual genius whose great cognitive capacities alone are responsible for the products that they create.

My Special Place Series: Sharon Spiegel Wagner

On a hot afternoon in Johannesburg, I follow the signs at 44 Stanley Avenue, a delightfully urban, industrial-like shopping precinct I always enjoy visiting.

Creativity series part 2: An evolving concept

The big question posed in the previous article was: “Do ideas emerge from within the person, or do people recognise ideas already present in their environments?”

Creativity Series part I: A portrait of the artist

Evolutionary theorists claim that reproduction is the ultimate desire of all living things.

Liespotting series:
A beginner’s guide to becoming a human lie detecting machine

In a previous article we discussed the emergence of the study of lies. We discussed the heavy lifting scientific work done by Ekman and Matsumoto and the amazing contributions that they have made to our understanding of this science.

Moral Money: Buddhism

“Mind precedes all mental states. Mind is their chief; they are all mind-wrought. If with an impure mind a person speaks or acts, suffering follows – like the wheel that follows the foot of the ox.

Anger Series: When domestic violence comes to the office

Anger and male-perpetrated violence are a pandemic in this country. How do companies approach the sensitive issue and are there policies in place to help employees who are victims of violence?

Moral Money Series: Christianity

The problem in examining ‘Christianity’ – as with most religions – is that when you use the term, it refers to a wide variety of ideologies and aesthetic expressions.

Liespotting Series: Decoding the language of lies

Paul Ekman was named one Time Magazine’s Top 100 most influential people in May 2009.

My Special Place Series: Georgina Thomson

Paris and home – two very different places, but both are special places for Georgina Thomson, director of Dance Forum.

Anger Series: Kids and anger – let’s get them while they’re young

This is the second article in the anger series, followed closely by a third article: Children and violent behaviour – what does self-esteem have to do with it?

The Anger series: Taking a long hard look at anger (and violence)

We are living in a parallel universe. On the one hand it seems there is (perhaps) some sense of order in the world as we go about our business.

Moral Money Series: An introduction to faith and finance around the world

When we think of economic doctrines, we tend to think of ideologies founded by names like Marx, Keynes or Hayek.