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I’m so lonesome I could cry.

When Hank Williams turned those few words into his first really big hit in 1949 he was making capital of a sad truth - that loneliness can reduce grown people to tears.

The rise of the only child

First off, allow me this disclaimer: I think only children are great. Because I am an only child and, out of choice, I have an only child.

Can IQ determine your quality of life

In a previous article the ubiquitous presence of online IQ testing was both noted and questioned. The obvious conclusions were that the validity of any findings are likely to be less than entirely accurate

Anger Series: When domestic violence comes to the office

Anger and male-perpetrated violence are a pandemic in this country. How do companies approach the sensitive issue and are there policies in place to help employees who are victims of violence?

No laughing matter

2019’s Joker was about a failed comedian, Arthur Fleck. Fleck tells people he has a laughing disorder. Although it was not actually mentioned what the disorder was, it was most likely based on what is known as pseudobulbar affect (PBA).

One size fits all - or does it?

Marketers tend to make sweeping statements about entire generations. Is it dangerous to create a ‘one size fits all’ scenario when talking about any group in particular?

Can we trust the public with decisions?

Any survey worth its salt will clearly illustrate the current mindset of people worldwide.

Just because I’m good at it, does not mean I like it.

Psychometric testing is the best known and most highly regarded method for measuring individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral styles.

The art of reading body language

“You talking to me? You talking to me?

Remember the young Robert de Niro’s famous line in Taxi Driver? Oh, the on-screen menace he conveyed physically,

Nudge Theory

Nudge theory and behavioural economics are terms increasingly used, even by those who are not economics scholars. This is most likely for two reasons:

The history of IQ

An 11-year-old Harvard undergrad inspired the ubiquitous saying “early ripe, early ruin”.

What men can learn from women on the sports field

Different gender traits could make the difference between winning and losing on the sports field and in the workplace.

Anger Series: Kids and anger – let’s get them while they’re young

This is the second article in the anger series, followed closely by a third article: Children and violent behaviour – what does self-esteem have to do with it?

The Anger series: Taking a long hard look at anger (and violence)

We are living in a parallel universe. On the one hand it seems there is (perhaps) some sense of order in the world as we go about our business.

Killer ratings: our obsession with true crime TV series

Are TV audiences evolving into bloodthirsty voyeurs, desperate for more true tales of violence and crime? Or are other factors propelling the true crime genre up the popularity charts?

The child-free life and its unexpected dilemmas

Deciding to not reproduce triggers complex and conflicting emotions.