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Liespotting series: Even more lies Part 3

In the modern era, there has been the propensity to demonise lying and to judge those caught in the act of deceit. From business leaders like Madoff to truly global leaders like Clinton

Unconventional laws and where to find them

As many of us marvel at the coming of the digital age, consider just how much has changed over the course of a single lifetime, even half a lifetime. We can be left feeling overwhelmed.

Have you ever felt like a fraud?

While much has been written about the mindset of very successful people, from their strategies and beliefs to their general outlook, surprisingly little has been said about a very real drawback many will face during their careers.

Grand theft auto

For those who are not fans of video games, it is possible to never have heard of Grand Theft Auto V, possible but unlikely.

No Logo

There are many ways to recognise a truly great book. Does it alter or enlighten your perspective on a topic? Does it retain relevance? Does it explain or predict phenomena that will impact your job – or even your life?

Can IQ determine your quality of life

In a previous article the ubiquitous presence of online IQ testing was both noted and questioned. The obvious conclusions were that the validity of any findings are likely to be less than entirely accurate

High society hoaxes

Anna Vadimovna Sorokina may not be a name that immediately rings a bell for most people. Anna Delvey on the other hand is a name that sends a shiver of anxiety along the very spine of the New York elite and has become synonymous with fraud around the globe.

The man who created a universe

I suppose many tributes begin with some background information on their early lives, their ancestry, possibly even make reference to the fact that they had a different name at birth. To be honest all of these things seem far too grounded in our universe.

Liespotting series:
A beginner’s guide to becoming a human lie detecting machine

In a previous article we discussed the emergence of the study of lies. We discussed the heavy lifting scientific work done by Ekman and Matsumoto and the amazing contributions that they have made to our understanding of this science.

Did Hollywood become a cash cow business without anyone noticing?

No industry has been more involved in shaping trends and informing the masses; nor has any industry been the topic of near constant conversation around the water cooler more than Hollywood.

Liespotting Series: Decoding the language of lies

Paul Ekman was named one Time Magazine’s Top 100 most influential people in May 2009.

Is Neymar just the beginning?

For those not beset with an obsessive interest in football, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is a 28-year-old forward who leads the line for both his country Brazil and the French football club Paris Saint-Germain.

Can we trust the public with decisions?

Any survey worth its salt will clearly illustrate the current mindset of people worldwide.

The history of IQ

An 11-year-old Harvard undergrad inspired the ubiquitous saying “early ripe, early ruin”.

Science fiction becomes science fact

First the dreamers, then the engineers … how much of the technology in our lives today do we owe to stories of an imagined future?