The funniest social media parodies

11.2021 | Nicole Wills

Whether we engage in order to feel more connected to one another and to family and friends living far away, to be updated on the latest news, or because we’re curious about which geographical references celebrities are using to name their next child. Even if it’s latest Twars (Twitter wars) keeping us glued to our screens, everyone is interacting with social media in some way or another.

In a world filled with seriousness and many things to make us worried for our children’s future, social media offers us an occasional glimpse into the humour of human nature and gives us something to laugh at.

The internet has offered us access to the wit and comedy from folks far and wide, those we may never have heard of before. Taking a look at the world’s funniest social media accounts between the reading of all the seriousness abound in our world is worth the time.

Sorting the smart-funny from the expected, obvious and banal Almost every popular or vaguely famous person, TV show, movie or band will have online fan clubs and parody pages and accounts.

The trick is to sort those worthy of our valuable time from those taking up precious bandwidth. Having surveyed all of my social media connections as to which they thought were the funniest online parodies, the two hands down winners are: God and The Queen.

Try a google search of the funniest online parodies and God and The Queen appear on each and every list. The Queen is my favourite on Twitter. Possibly because she provides a glimpse into what she could be thinking in the context of the world around her.

You will find her at @Queen_UK, user name, Elizabeth Windsor. Some examples below:

On American Independence Day:


Christmas Messages


Almost all of the royals around the world have parody accounts, and although, not as popular as Elizabeth Windsor, they’re still worth a look when you’re in need of a giggle.


My search revealed that the most popular and funniest online parodies do tend to fit into fairly obvious categories.

  1. Religion
  2. Politics
  3. And, what I call, the untouchables: royals, celebrities and tangerine-tinged presidents:

When sifting further, it is not surprising to find that the funniest are those satirical accounts using their wit to make social commentary, highlight societal issues and create conversation.

It really is nothing new, simply a form of satire expressing itself in the most accessible medium of the day. President Trump provides ample funny-fodder for online satirists.There are many parody accounts in his name; perhaps my favourite:


If you’re looking for some really excellent political satire, THE ONION is most definitely one to follow. It started in 1988 as a printed satirical newspaper and has made a very successful transition to the world of the web.


Other popular parodies:
Other popular parodies are more niche
Fake Chuck Norris.
“I built the hospital I was born in”

Darth Vader. www.twitter/darthvader


Fake Sarah Palin
“There should be a search engine called Leviticus, and it should throw rocks at you when you try to look up porn or polyester.”

Not Mark Zuckerberg


Not all parodies are people. Twitter’s Sh*t Academics Say is definitely worth a look and even Pharrell’s Hat has at least four different parody accounts on Twitter.

Most religious deities have parody accounts too. “God” has 4 million Facebook friends and @TheTweetofGod has 5,7 million followers on Twitter, but follows only Justin Bieber.

We get to choose how and when to separate the smart wit from the cheap shots. It is good to know that there is an abundance of smart wit and humour reminding us how important it is to laugh at ourselves and there should always be time for something that makes us laugh.