What we do and dont support

The FirstRand Foundation bases its investment decisions on the following five core principles:
• The Foundation cannot be all things to all people – given limited resources, it narrowly targets its investment to 
   maximise impact where possible.
• The Foundation does not respond to need only, but to evidence-based programming and performance, proven
   impact, and innovation;
• The Foundation supports programmes and organisations that are aligned with government priorities, objectives,
   and outcomes.
• The Foundation focuses strongly on the monitoring and evaluation of clearly defined objectives – this allows it to
   target investments more effectively.
• The Foundation is committed to partnerships and collaborations based on mutual trust with organisations (civil
   society, donors, institutional entities or government) that positively and innovatively pursue the goals of

In addition to these core principles, the Foundation’s basic decision making is guided by the following:
• Only registered public benefit organisations (PBOs) can be supported by the Foundation.
• Generally, a partner can only receive one grant per annum from one of the franchise committees.
• The Foundation aims to have a presence in each province, where practical.
• The Foundation does not generally fund infrastructure projects, though these are assessed on a case-by-case
• The Foundation provides organisations with multi-year funding in most cases, which may include escalations to
   address inflation and/or reward strong performance.
• The Foundation does provide core funding support covering the overhead and administrative costs of its partner
   so long as these can be directly linked to the achievement of set objectives.
• The Foundation supports sustainable partners; sustainability is understood both as the ability to create long-
   term, lasting impact (beyond the Foundation’s involvement) and to consistently and effectively raise funds from a 
   variety of donors in order to meet set objectives.
• Responsible, clear exit strategies will be implemented based on a variety of factors, including the impact and
   of programmes, sustainability of partners, and the Foundation’s understanding of its role in each specific 
• In some cases, the Foundation will provide support for 'funding  for fundraising' (i.e. supporting a fundraiser's
   salary, developing a fundraiser database and/or providing capacity building for existing fundraisers.

The following activities and areas are NOT considered for support by the Foundation:
• Overseas tours and exchanges.
• Sporting activities, sports and recreation clubs (except for specific projects that are focused on community
• Company promotions and membership subscriptions.
• Musical festivals/choirs and/or video and film productions.
Fundraising gala events.
• Conferences, workshops and memorial lectures (except in special circumstances where the focus of the event is
directly aligned with the 
  Foundation’s work and there is a strong strategic case for support).
• Political or quasi-political bodies.
• Religious organisations (except community outreach projects).
• Trade unions.
• General fundraising requests (only specific requests will be considered).
• Meeting costs of collecting donations from others.
• Endowment trusts.
• Commercial ventures (closed corporations and other for profit activities).
• Loans and investments.
• Individual school requests, including ECD centres.
• Advertising in educational or other supplements.