Volunteers - who we support


A simple, speedy solution to donating and raising money for charity.



CAF Southern Africa

Bridging community needs and corporate social goals. Leaders in effective employee community involvement. Facilitate sustainable development relationships.


Greater Good SA

Everyone has something to give. Givers and causes connecting online for the greater good of South Africa.


Kitty & Puppy Haven

Kitty & Puppy Haven is a rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming centre that takes in injured, neglected,
traumatised and mistreated animals from townships, squatter camps and other low-income areas.


Stop Hunger Now

To end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable
and by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.



To break the negative cycle of poverty and crime and to build and restore dignity, hope and health
by extending knowledge, skills sets and abilities both physically and spiritually.


Emthonjeni Community Centre

Emthonjeni is a community centre who is enriching disadvantaged communities in a holistic fashion
by assisting them to live full, meaningful lives and empowering community leaders. Emthonjeni means
“the fountain”.


Africa Food for Thought

Africa Food for Thought is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide nutrition to school children
in order to promote concentration and learning. At present AFFT is only operational within the West Rand
area of Gauteng, South Africa, however, we hope that as our organisation grows we will be able to expand into other areas.


Food & Trees for Africa

The first and only South African social enterprise addressing sustainable development through climate
change action, food security and greening, with a strong focus on environmental and global warming
education and awareness.


Niall Mellon Housing Initiative

Each one of us can play our part in solving the housing crisis in South Africa. We are looking for
South Africans to give up one day to participate in our Volunteer Build Programme to build homes
for families living in shacks.



The idea behind SpaceToSay is straightforward – grow ethical leadership from the classroom
to the workplace by giving people a fun, online space to say how they promote ethics around them.
Through their example others will follow.


Dreamfields Project

The Dreamfields Project is a section 21 company (not for profit), which was launched in October 2007.
Our dream, in partnership with the Department of Education, is to put resources for playing soccer into township and rural schools across South Africa – quickly, efficiently and in a way that reaches the most remote corners of our country.


Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope

Home of Hope is an autonomous, self started and inclusive shelter for the rehabilitation of girls that operates at a grass roots level. Exploited and abused girls from all religious or cultural backgrounds are accepted and made part of a secondary family.


Jasmine House

Is a home for those in their golden years, these hard-pressed and often abandoned old souls now have
somewhere to call home, 20 pensioners are accommodated in their own little sanctuary protected from
the storms of life, while receiving care and nurture from loving caregivers.


Junior Achievement South Africa

The purpose of Junior Achievement SA is to prepare young people for life after school by raising
their awareness of economic issues, teaching them entrepreneurial and life skills, providing them
with an understanding of the business world and enhancing their sense of personal responsibility
through practical business experience.



To contribute to the well-being of children with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders as well
as their families.



CLAW is an internationally known and well-respected animal welfare organisation, renowned as the pioneer of community-based primary animal healthcare in South Africa. CLAW is entirely community based and its full-time staff all hail from the areas it serves, supplemented by a loyal band of volunteers.


Robin Good Initiative


Dedicated to sourcing the nation's excess for distribution to those who have not throughout South Africa
committed to self-sufficiency training and opportunity creation for the unemployed.