Conference 2015 Day 1


Social Collective Morning Welcome

Role of Employee Volunteering Transformation - Prof Jansen

Reflection Session 2 Day 1- MOgawa Synergos

Opening Reflection Session-M.Ogawa Synergos

NGO Readiness M.Marias

NGO Readiness - D.Zeelie

NGO Readiness GGillette

Leadership and EV alignment.A.Craker

Employee Volunteering and Active Citizenship B.Godsell

Attracting the Right Corporate Emp Vol Saira Khan

Attracting the Right Corporate - Old Mutual Foundation

Attracting the Right Corporate E.Ikuna


 Conference 2015 - Day 2


Technology as an Enabler D.Storey

Pro Bono Service G.Gillette

Moving Beyong the Donor L van Ryn

Moving Beyond the Donor L.Haynes

Mobilising Volunteers G.Mothoagae

Mentoring and Transformation Holding Slide D2

Mobilising Volunteers DMcAlpine

Looking at Research J.Shaw

Insights into Community R.Botha

Insights into community M.Ogawa

Insights into Community B.Bouwman

Innovation Skills Holding Slide 2

Innovation and Skills Based Vol T.Masingi

Innovation and Skills Based Vol L.Mashinini

Geogia Gillette Video

Employee Volunteering Programme Design S.Paine

FirstRand BPC Conference 3pmV2

Employee Volunteering Programme Design N. Tshabalala

Employee Volunteering and ME B.Klugman

Employee Volunteering and MandE S.Hadebe

Employee Volunteering and MandE C.Duff

DMcAlpine Save the Bees _ Greenpeace _ Best Video Ever


 2013 Conference presentations


Opening presentation - Sizwe Nxasana

Volunteerism is more than giving - Dr Shaheda Omar

Payroll giving and employee volunteering - Emmanuel Mahlangu

Mobilising a volunteer army - Awethu Project

Measuring using the forgood platform - Garth Japhet

Making the business case for employee volunteering - Kenn Allen IAVE

Journey of a change driver

Integrating employee volunteering into the business strategy - Maya Makanjee

Implementing meaningful volunteer programmes - Desiree Storey

Developing global leaders for 21st century - Gavin Pieterse IBM

Cultivating global pro bono programs - Dr Jurie van Niekerk

Creating sustainable volunteering - Elizabeth Maepa FirstRand

Corporate action social value young South Africans - Grace Matlape and Scott Burnett

Assessing impact and return of EVP - Reana Rossouw

Measuring employee volunteering and assessing impact - Reana Rossouw