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9. Provide a brief overview of your organisation/company’s employee volunteer (EV) programme. Include information on the scope, focus and approach. (200 words) *

10. Briefly describe what makes your EV programme innovative and unique. Here you can broadly describe the programme and/or emphasise a particular programme initiative, which you would like the selection committee to consider. (300 words) *

11. Is your EV programme well aligned and embedded within your organisation/company? Please explain and be specific. (250 words) *

12. Describe (and provide evidence, if possible) how you measure the impact of your organisation/company’s EV programme / initiatives. Please include any initiative/programme mentioned above. (150 words). *

12.1 How do you measure the impact on the communities where you serve/where you volunteer? (200 words) *

12.2 How does your volunteer programme/initiative impact the services/business of your organisation/company? (150 words) *

12.3 How do you measure volunteer participation in your organisation/business (150 words) *

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14.1 Company: Who participates in your company’s EV programme? (select all that apply)

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15.1 NPO/NGO/social entrepreneurs: Indicate who participates in your organisation’s EV programme (select all that apply)

15.2 If you have selected 'Other' for NPO/NGO/social entrepreneurs, please specify

16. Are you working with your partner organisation to develop mutually beneficial EV programmes? Please explain how. (250 words) *

17. Based on lessons learnt, how have you improved and/or strengthened your EV programme/initiative. Provide two examples. (300 words) *