Apply for funding 


applications for csi funding are all given due consideration by tshikululu social investments, administrators of the firstrand foundation


Once applications are received, they are sorted and logged on to Tshikululu’s sophisticated tracking system if all criteria are met. Applications may be rejected at this stage for one of the following reasons:


 - funding criteria are not met;
 - the application is outside of the fund’s core funding area; or
 - there are queries around the application and more information is required.
Applications passing through this stage are allocated to a specialised CSI sector practitioner for research and assessment before the application is presented to the fund for approval. Here too, the application may be returned for the reasons given above.

Should all criteria be met following assessment and if the application is in line with the fund’s strategy, the recommendation is taken to the fund committee meeting or the Foundation’s board of trustees for consideration. Following their approval, the instruction is made for a grant to be allocated, with contractual conditions applied.

The sector practitioner will monitor the progress of the grant and provide reports to the fund. Careful monitoring and evaluation of the on-the-ground effectiveness of the projects being funded is also a core component of the ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of an NGO and how the grant has been applied.

Application process and forms


Please refer to the Tshikululu website ( regarding funding deadlines, application/reporting forms and other information.


Showcasing the FirstRand Foundation’s commitment to knowledge sharing and contributing to best practice social investment in South Africa, Tshikululu, in partnership with the Foundation Center in NYC, has developed a GrantCraft Guide, Communication that Counts: