People philosophy

at firstrand, we believe that our people are our single most important resource  we therefore seek to attract, develop and retain the best
industry talent


We believe in empowering our people to run their businesses as if they are their own. These businesses are aligned through the Group strategy, shared values and principles. Our philosophy is reflected in our owner-manager culture and our track record for entrepreneurship and innovation, our primary points of differentiation from our peers. Accordingly, we encourage our passionate and committed people to balance profit growth with sustainable development. By liberating talented people we have created a legacy of entrepreneurial action that has built excellent businesses.

As the champions of FirstRand’s values, employees are expected to act with integrity and practice fair play. We promote and value diversity among our people, particularly as it contributes to innovative thinking and builds inclusive relationships.


FirstRand’s philosophy is underpinned by our belief in the following values and principles:
 - respecting and empowering individuals;
 - collective and individual accountability;
 - integrity in our care for the business;
 - prudent and accurate scorekeeping;
 - ensuring that the business case always prevails through open communication, vigorous debate and participative non-
   hierarchical decision making;
 - being a good corporate citizen – seeing sustainable development and sustainable profit growth as complementary objectives;
 - helping to create a better world that is socially and environmentally viable in the long term.